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Why use markEmarkup when there are so many other UI/UX design applications out there?

  • It's free
  • It runs offline
  • No installation required (i.e. it's designed in the language of the web)
  • You can add click events (i.e. user interactivity!)
  • You can animate your markups/wireframes
  • You can use your own website or any website that allows embedding as a live markup/wireframe, and still use all of the markup features included in markEmarkup
  • Your viewers can make their own updates on your shared markup/wireframe (i.e. collaboration at its best!)
  • You can write your own repsonsive webpage inside of a markup/wireframe
  • You can share your markups/wireframes with others using a simple link
  • Or you can share your markups/wireframes with others using a text file
  • You can make a database schema markup page and actually use the data in it for other markups
  • You can backup your work locally as a text file and upload it back into markEmarkup for further use
  • It's more than just a UI/UX design application

MarkEmarkup is extremely simple to use and very robust in features. It does not require any installation and can be used offline at your leisure. Either run markEmarkup from this website, or download and save markEmarkup to your desktop as an html file.

With markEmarkup, you can markup and/or edit an existing image, or no image at all, using a myriad of built-in draw options, as well as add graphics, html elements, and click and hover events to your markups. You can also animate your markups, create database schemas, and simulate a data driven approach.

If you do not write code, you can easily use images and graphics, with the available draw options to create your markups/wireframes. Simply, apply your images and graphics to your markup like a scrapbook.

If instead you want to use an existing webpage, you can easily embed *any webpage to your markup/wireframe. (*some webpages/websites do not allow embedding)

If you know a little HTML, you can write your own HTML and add it anywhere on your markups. Moreover, if you are comfortable with front-end coding, you can write or copy and paste an entire HTML page, including inline JavaScript, CSS, and CDN references, to a markup. You can even allow your viewers to click on your own JavaScript events within your HTML page. If you want to demonstrate responsiveness, your viewers can easily resize their window and see your HTML page markup respond to different sizes.

Lastly, if you need to demonstrate a full-fledged CRUD process, you can create a database (DB) schema, which will also function as a DB backend, to allow your viewers to create, read, update, and delete data in your markups.

From business analysts to developers, or creative thinkers to visionaries, markEmarkup was designed to be used by all types of people from all backgrounds. You can use any combination of the above features in your markup to create the best user-experience mockup possible! Likewise, the people you share your markups with have the ability to add their own markups to your markup, as well as comments, so that you can get the greatest collaborative effort out of everyone.

Enjoy, markEmarkup